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Symbhav Twenty Fourteen

Where will you be, February 2014?

2009 marked the beginning of a cultural tradition that has come to embody the spirit of not merely Symbiosis Law School, Pune but also the student culture of this country as a whole. ‘Symbhav’, SLS Pune’s Annual Cultural Festival opened its metaphorical doors for business for the first time in 2009 with, as the late Randy Savage (R.I.P) might say, much pomp and circumstance. The fest was pulled off with aplomb becoming an instant runaway success; a fitting reward for the tremendous commitment and dedication, not to mention the endless and tireless work collectively put in by the students of SLS, Pune in channelling Doctor Victor Frankenstein and bringing to life the juggernaut that is ‘Symbhav’ (allegedly even complete with wicked grins, wringing hands and calls of ‘Its Alive. IT’S ALIVE!’)

Post the triumph that was the 2009 edition, Symbhav has only gone from strength to strength, expanding exponentially like the waist line of the pregnant or a junk foodie with the 2010 edition going grander in both scale and ambition and the 2011 edition building on the two previous editions while, cementing the ‘Symbhav’ brand forever in hearts, minds and history of student culture in Pune.

‘Symbhav’ 2012 saw a major step up, not merely in terms of further widening its reach beyond Pune by involving a number of colleges from the different corners of the state and even the country but also as an instrument of change. Identifying and harnessing the large role, vast reach and influence that it has come to have on the student population and youth culture of Pune, the 2013 edition celebrated India as a country and everything that contributes to our identities as Indians with the hope of kindling the fires of the previous generations’ patriotic fervour in the current youth population by highlighting the endearing and quirky aspects of being Indian just as much as the momentous and historical.

Symbhav has become one of the most innovative and captivating vehicles of youth expression over the years and in 2014 it promises to go from scaling towering mountains to touching the sky. What can you reasonably expect from Symbhav 2014, (besides the unexpected; there will always be a place for clichés)? Creatively, the envelope will be pushed even further; in terms of reach the stage will grow even wider; in terms of the talent crop, the showcase of will be even more awe-inspiring and in terms of scale, spectacle will never have been grander which is why we rephrase and ask again,

Where will you be, February 2014 when “Symbhav ‘14” finally arrives?

Symbhav 12
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Symbhav 12

Symbhav 2012 saw the advent of the Carnival of Change where the aim was to be proactive by following the motto of "Awake. Arise. Act". Pronites were taken to another level with performances by Navin Kumar, Cyanide, Agnee, Avial and Advaita.  

Symbhav 13
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Symbhav 13

Symbhav 2013 saw us going back to our very roots and further questioning and promulgating the very concept of being "Essentially Desi". The Events in this fest were reinvented and the entire atmosphere was one of 'Desi Tashan. Zindagi Jashan

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1. All participating teams shall be provided with accommodation from 20th February, 2014, 12.00 noon till end of 24th February, 2014 at 12.00 noon.

2. The expenses for local conveyance shall be borne by the participants. The Organisers are not responsible for any kind of travel or local conveyance.

3. Each participant shall be charged with Rs. 1700/- for the 4 days of accommodation as stipulated dates above.

4. Participants desiring to reach early or depart late must make their own arrangement for their stay earlier/beyond the time stipulated above.

5. The soft copy of the travel plan shall be mailed on or before 16th February, 2014, at siddharthtewari91@gmail.com Contact No: 09673102062

6. Any changes in the team composition should be reported to the Organisers five days in advance before the Fest starts otherwise would be liable to the full payment.

7. All the students participating are requested to compulsorily bring their College ID Card.

8. No separate accommodation shall be provided to the Faculty or parents accompanying the participants. If necessary should inform the Organisers a week in advance, suitable arrangements would be made and the cost shall be borne by the faculty or parents themselves.

9. One room would be shared by FOUR PARTICIPANTS and students of different colleges might have to share room in case of an eventuality.

10. Any alcoholic drinks, drugs, misbehaviour and misconduct shall not be permitted in the hotel premises; if anyone is found with it or is creating any kind of ruckus in the hotel, he/she will be directly evicted from the accommodation.

11. All payments should be made in cash only and a receipt will be provided for the same.

12. There shall be no discount nor would the amount be refunded after adhering or consenting to the policy.

13. Anyone aggrieved by the decision(s) of the Committee can lodge a Complaint with the Organizing Committee, which will ensure the fair redressal of the grievance, either before or after the conclusion of the Cultural Fest. In any case, the decision of the Organizing committee will be final and binding.

14. For any further queries contact Nithin Patil(09604970925) or Siddharth Tewari; or leave a message on nithinp.patil@gmail.com.


The Musical Thingajing.

Nucleya at Symbhav '13
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Featuring a wide variety of events ranging from conclaves, quizzes, debates, legal events to sports, theatre, music & fine arts events, Symbhav has firmly cemented itself in the college fest calendar as the ultimate three-day melting pot of diversity, endeavour and creativity with participants coming from every corner of the country and footfalls increasing exponentially every passing year. Top-draws at Symbhav are the band face-off called “For Those About To Rock”, the War of the DJs, the fashion show and the group dance competition.

Symbhav is also no stranger to stardust, having played host to both the glitterati as well as the think-tanks. Music events have been the forte of fest, with the Pronites being the biggest draws. Artists over the years have included Indian Ocean, Parikarma, Junkyard Groove, Jalebee Cartel, Them Clones, Advaita, Avial, Agnee, Cyanide, Navin Kumar, Niladri Kumar, Inner Sanctum, The Color Compound & Nucleya.


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